Recent Cloud Case Studies

THE LOCAL TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITED will provide a Free, No Obligation review of your Business Telecommunication Expenses along with Personal Cellphone usage which has become a necessary part of the Business day to day. We also include a No-Contract Month to Month option.

Case Study One

The Problem

Small Bookkeeping- Accounting Firm with 6 Employees in a standard Retail Office space. We previously installed and serviced the Office Phone System & Voicemail (Nortel), Office Data Network (Cisco) and were first Contact on Bell Phone Lines, Fax Lines and Internet Troubleshooting. When the COVID shutdowns occurred in 2020 and Office Attendance became restricted and Remote Staff had problems getting Voice messages left specifically for them because they had to call in from home on their Home phone or Cell Phones. When Calling Clients back the Remote Staff was uncomfortable calling from Home or Cell and would get callbacks at all hours if they didn’t turn their phones off. In addition, they would have messages left on two or more devices and have great difficulty sharing amongst other Staff Members when details of specific calls needed to be explained.

The Fix

We replaced the 1990’s era Nortel System with 7 phones (1 in Office, 6 Remote). Calls could still be answered by a Human Receptionist in the Office (COVID restrictions permitting) or with a single button put into Full Auto-Attendant/Voicemail mode. Remote Phone extensions ring and during Business Hours a simultaneous Ring on the Cell Phones of 2 of the Partners to provide quick access by Clients to the Key Staff Members.

The Remote Workers can take their Remote Phones with them into the office when Restrictions are eased. No Service, support or account charges to do this.

In addition, in Month 7 and the Firm has hired 2 more Tax Preparers for their existing Business Clients and ordered 2 Remote Phones for them to be able to make and receive calls as if they were in the Office.

Case Study Two

The Problem

Neighbourhood Restaurant that changed its operation to Take out only. Pickup and Delivery by 3rd Parties Services. I had personally noticed the craziness happening at the Cash registers – Pickup spot when during peak times. Calls coming in from Delivery service Drivers, long time repeat Customers and general enquiry calls. Customers (like myself) would stand there, debit card in hand and wait for an opening between ringing calls while watching my Dinner order get cold on the Kitchen Order window. I assessed that an efficient overhaul of the Call processing would easily pay for itself by saving at least one dinner order a night. After paying for my Dinner for 2 (over $40 with tax)I was sure of it. I confirmed that fact, simply by showing the Owner the Flashing Message Light on the old Bell Phone was an order that wasn’t fulfilled.

The Fix

Customers and General enquiry calls would call the advertised Telephone number only with a Cloud VOIP  Solution the Callers would be answered straight away during non-busy times but as it got busier the Callers would be treated to a Restaurant specific Recording on hold and queued     Message taking would only occur after hours and even then the Automatic Recording would inform of Hours of Operation, Current Specials and on-line ordering benefits.

Delivery Drivers were given another unpublished number (Less than $5.00/mth) that would appear as a separate Ringing line on the same phones (answered automatically after 3 Rings due to Staff being tied up and then queued until the Staff phones become idle).

The Owners were provided with a Caller Info, Number and Time, Call Queue usage and details of hang-ups all on-line and in real time.